Dunamis Synergy

What does Dunamis Synergy mean?

Dunamis: Greek word meaning power, might, strength, marvelous works, powerful deed, force, ability, authority.

Synergy: The combined power of a group that is greater that the sum of their parts.

Our Vision

Dunamis Synergy is a “two generation” community development initiative to support parents with young children acquire post-secondary credentials and career track jobs while preparing their children for successful futures. Dunamis Synergy will become a community where young families strive together to achieve their educational aspirations, reach positive economic outcomes, and establish a legacy of prosperity that passes from one generation to the next.

Initiative Goals
  • Improve post-secondary access, persistence, and graduation rates among parenting students.
  • Prepare both parents and kids to thrive upon entry to kindergarten and beyond.
  • Move participants into living wage, family supporting careers and self-sufficiency.
  • Develop strong, civically engaged leaders and role models in our neighborhoods.
  • Strengthen Families
  • Catalyze municipal and neighborhood level economic renewal in Providence.