Real Jobs RI

Our Real Jobs RI partnership with Roger Williams University is geared to small construction company owners and contractors in Rhode Island who want to enhance their ability so they are equipped to efficiently run their business, hire and retain employees, and grow their capacity to pursue larger opportunities.

Business Skills for the Construction Trades is a course taught by professors at Roger Williams University that begins by defining your specific skills and services in a business plan with goals for growth and development.  You will learn how to market and promote your business using the latest online tools and in-person networking.  The coursework takes a deeper dive into project estimation, management and delivery.  When a business can get this part right, profitability naturally follows!  Finally, legal and administrative skills taught through hands-on learning in how to use contracts specific to the Construction industry that are critical to protect your business and employees, and manage expectations with clients.

The Ultimate American Dream

"I learned way too much to say I would have done this on my own. I wouldn't have." Stephanie Rodrigues participated in a business skills course through the Real Jobs RI partnership we created in 2015. Her company, MRS Construction, now has eight full-time employees and supports as many as 20 contractors at any given time. For more information about Real Jobs RI, visit

Posted by Gina Raimondo on Tuesday, November 21, 2017