Sankofa Initiative


“Sankofa,” from the Twi language of Ghana, is translated as “go back and get it” and refers to

 the importance of using knowledge from the past to achieve progress. It is expressed by the 

symbol of a bird with its head reaching backwards, taking an egg off of its own back 


This principle and symbol of Sankofa have guided WEHDC and its partners in its work to address modern health, financial and community challenges through increased access to the healthy foods that are traditional to the West End’s ethnically diverse community

In 2011, resident demand around healthy food access in the West End, spearheaded the formation of  WEHDC’s  Sankofa  Initiative. Many residents, especially those of African and Southeast Asian backgrounds, reported that they were unable to find fresh, affordable food that was reflective of their native diets.  Sankofa builds community around food and culture in  Providence’s diverse West End community. Through the development of the projects below, the Sankofa Initiative aims to build community around food and culture in Providence’s diverse West End community. is transforming the West End into an innovative center for agriculture, economic development and housing with a special  eye towards promoting, celebrating and supporting the neighborhoods rich cultural identity.Sankofa builds community around food and culture in Providence’s diverse West End community.


Sankofa transforms blighted properties, provides affordable, convenient, culturally appropriate, fresh, healthy, and locally produced food, expands economic opportunities, and encourages West End residents to meaningfully connect by fostering cultivation of land, lives, and community.


Sankofa Community Garden

Sankofa Community Kitchen

Sankofa World Market

Sankofa Healthy Housing