Sankofa Eats


Food is something that naturally brings people together. The idea of “breaking bread” together can be seen in many different cultures and religions. To break bread, is to break barriers and build connections with each other.

The Sankofa Initiative has always revolved around food- our gardens and greenhouses allow people to grow their own food, and our Kitchen and Market allow residents to sell their own food. Through 4 community meals in 2019, Sankofa Eats provides an opportunity to connect through food and share an experience together.


Sankofa Eats will be held 4 times in 2019. The dates will be:

  • March 21, 6-8PM
  • June 6, 6-8PM
  • August 1, 3-7PM
  • October 17, 6-8PM

Our Upcoming Sankofa Eats!

We are excited to start 2019 highlighting not one, not two, but three talented local chefs. These chefs will battle it out in the Sankofa Kitchen to make the best appetizer, entree, and dessert. The twist– our chefs won’t know what’s in the mystery box until the day of the event.

Once our chefs finish their final products, you’ll get to taste what our chefs create, and be the judge of who will win and cater our June Sankofa Eats.

Get your tickets today, you won’t want to miss this event!

Interested in being one of the competing chefs?

Fill out our Sankofa Eats Chef applicationand send it via email or drop if off at our office!